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Know us better...this is our business...this is our passion...
Chennai Wedding Photographers - Creative, Candid and Traditional Wedding Photographers...

Who we are...

CHENNAI WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.INFO is a vibrant creative establishment, created by a team of young, passionate, ambitious photo professionals with vast experience, from traditional photography to digital photography.

As visual artists, we strive to capture the disappearing moments of any subject in this world. As we think about it, we realize that it is virtually impossible to capture the same image twice in the natural world. Atmospheric elements ensure that there is a change happening, every fraction of a second. So, every moment bathed in light is a unique and precious moment.

It is our goal to make you comfortable and relaxed as much as possible while still taking enough time to capture the beautiful timeless images that you expect.

Chennai Wedding Photographers were blessed with the opportunity to shoot Top Corporate Programs & Events and more than 300 plus Weddings & Functions of various cultures and traditions

For Chennai Wedding Photographers, every client, every event, every wedding is very very important, hence we put our whole hearted effort to make everything memorable.


What we do...


If you are looking for professional quality world class pictures of weddings, events, birthday parties, then you are at the

right place....

An experienced good professional photographer shoots images without your knowledge, without disturbing you or your guests.

To have the best wedding photography, a photographer should have the best of the lighting setup. Just one flash mounted on the camera cannot produce high quality pictures, because of a single light source, the pictures would be two dimensional and  it will have unwanted shadows. Semi professionals use single flash to shoot your events but we use upto 4 studio lights and upto 3 flash lights networked wirelessly to create the third dimension of every image without unwanted shadows.

The wedding / event or corporate photography needs a lot of pre planning and best of the lighting setup and equipments.

Chennai Wedding Photographers has a clear view on the latest updations in technology and technical gadgets and we believe in upgrading ourselves.

Book our services by just calling us to see our sample albums and videos at your place...

FOR MORE INFORMATION FEEL FREE TO CALL US ON +91 9941011142 OR +91 9940398898


Chennai Wedding Photographers strive to

transform 'YOUR' imaginations to images...

Chennai Wedding Photographers use high-end Canon 5D Mark 3 and 6D cameras with variety of lenses

How we do...

The most important day in every human'’s life is the “WEDDING DAY”. It is one of the most important memorable days of your life and Chennai Wedding Photographers understand the importance of your day. Painting your precious moments of the day with light (Photographically) will preserve those memories to share with others for years to come.

Complex feelings, heartfelt emotions, natural expressions, spontaneous gestures-… We see it, … We capture it… and the moment is yours… forever… and the most important aspect is, we do it naturally, quietly and intuitively.

Our number one goal as photographers is to creatively document one of the happiest days of your lives...while also enjoying the day with you as friends.

Normally we carry two main High End Professional Digital SLR Camera bodies and wide range of lenses apart from a set of 4 Studio Lights for stage and wedding venue lightings to get you the best of the pictures of your event. We do networked studio quality lighting set up to shoot the lively moments of your event.


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