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No more Waiting...Get event photos printed instantly...

Instant Photo Prints at Chennai Wedding Photographers

Chennai Wedding provides premium instant-print photography service for weddings and events, offering top-of-the-line design, photo quality and service standards from the start to end. An ideal souvenir for guests to remember your event.

Be it your wedding, your social occasions or your corporate events, we provide 'Live' photography solutions by our experienced photographers, merging technology and photography to create the most memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with our wallet-size photo-cards that combine tasteful design with personalized messages. Not only will you capture your day's unforgettable moments, you will also provide hours of fun for your guests.

We pride ourselves to capture great moments with bespoke customized border designs and high quality photocards made to last. This has been gathered from feedback given to us by our clients that we provide high quality prints in the market.

*Friendly and service oriented staff    *Printers are calibrated and colours are balanced to give natural skin tones   *High Resolution prints   *Bright Vivid colours
*Premium photo paper with matte finish (non sticky, and thickness feels like actual photo)  *Colour fast and does not come off when scratched with fingernails
Don't take our words for it. Make an appointment for discussion with us today and have a look at our quality prints!

You and your guest will leave the event not only with invaluable memories, but also with beautiful memorabilia!

Some of our achievements in Instant Photo Printing Assignments:

1. Printed more 3000 prints in the IPL 4 with 10 cameras and 

printer set ups in 10 stands at the chepauk stadium.

2. 1800+ prints made at the Amararaja Batteries Ltd., Family Day, in Tirupathi

3. 350+ prints with paper frames made at the NOKIA conference held in Hotel Hilton in Chennai.

4. Made 200+ prints of the most important corporate CEO's with customized frames and a theme based studio set up for Mahindra Holidays at Hotel Le Meridian in chennai.

5. 100+ prints made for 'groupm' corporate.

6. 70+ prints made for 'Airtel' family day.

7. More than 2300 prints with frames printed on Family Day of 

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland Group) in chennai.

8. 80+ prints made for Johnson & Johnson award function.

9. We have done instant photo printing for many birthdays, weddings, family get-togethers, graduation award functions and corporate events.




"Thank you Thambu Si​r, for your  team's effort, to make our family day more memorable. We have been in the hunt for professional instant photo makers and after 4 years of search, we found you. We will never forget this event and we assure you many more events from our company...Thanks once again Chennai Wedding Photographers...-Praveen and friends...

RBS-Club ace team"


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